The Chung-Yuan Festival

The seventh lunar month is traditionally Chung-Yuan Festival also regarded as The Ghost Month, the result of two major festivals, one Taoist and one Buddhist, both honoring the dearly departed.


During this month, people believe that the gate of hell is open for whole month, so all the ghost and the passed away can come out and see the world again, taking a break from suffering in hell. As livings, we pray and offer food, drinks and burn joss paper to please the ghosts prevent us from harm. And this event usually take place in front of our home, companies, public facilities, also temples.


As you can see, this year our new headquarter is under construction, we also set a table of goodies for them, to pray for the success of the construction and the coming year harvest. We have finished the structure of the building and now moving into the interior stage, feel free to check the video for quick preview.


Now you know why during seventh lunar month many families set a table of food in front of their houses. What do you know about it? No matter what, we pray for the best and may them rest in peace.