April 2019 new item collection,4?page=1


It's our monthly new item report of April.

This month we have collected a wide range of products for you, including fuel tank wrenches, body work, under car service tools, and some general tools. For more item details, please check the link, Hinode tools website :
Also, We have upgrade our official website again. Now, for all our items has it's own detail page for your better item browsing and URL link saving.

For news update, We are going to move!!!

Introducing Hinode tools new headquarter.

Located in northern Taichung, the new headquarter has over 2000 square meters space with 5 floors and a basement, will start using in 2021.

Hinode tools have always focus and delicate in developing Taiwan's auto repair tools, to build and expand the facility shows our faith in Taiwan.

Hinode tools thank you for all your support for us and Taiwan's auto tools business.