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281 PCS Professional Crimper & Stripper Assorted Terminals Tool Kit


●Contents :
Ins-Ring Terminal#10[AWG12-10] x 3PC
Ins-Ring Terminal#1/4[AWG12-10] x 3PC
Ins-Spade Terminal#10[AWG12-10] x 3PC
Ins-Spade Terminal#1/4[AWG12-10] x 3PC
Ins-Spade Terminal#6[AWG16-14] x 310PC
Ins-Ring Terminal#8[AWG16-14] x 10PC
Ins-Spade Terminal#8[AWG16-14] x 10PC
Ins-Ring Terminal#6[AWG16-14] x 10PC
Ins-Ring Terminal#6[AWG22-16] x 10PC
Ins-Spade Terminal#6[AWG22-16] x 10PC
Ins-Ring Terminal#8[AWG22-16] x 10PC
Non-Ins Ring Terminal#6[AWG22-16] x 5PC
Non-Ins Ring Terminal#6[AWG16-14] x 5PC
Non-Ins Spade Terminal#6[AWG22-16] x 5PC
Non-Ins Spade Terminal#6[AWG16-14] x 5PC
Non-Ins Ring Terminal #6[AWG 12-10] x 3PC
Ins-Butt Connectors[AWG12-10] x 3PC
Ins-Male Disconnectors[AWG 12-10] x 3PC
Ins-Female Disconnectors[AWG 12-10] x 3PC
Ins-Butt Connectors[AWG 16-14] x 5PC
Ins-Male Disconnectors[AWG 16-14] x 3PC
Ins-Female Disconnectors[AWG 16-14] x 3PC
Ins-Butt Connectors[AWG22-16] x 5PC
Ins-Male Disconnectors[AWG 22-16] x 3PC
Ins-Female Disconnectors[AWG 22-16] x 3PC
Non-Ins Butt Connectors[AWG22-16] x 5PC
Non-Ins Butt Connectors[AWG16-14] x 5PC
Non-Ins Butt Connectors[AWG12-10] x 3PC
Open Barrel Female Terminals x 5PC
PVC Cover for Open Barrel Terminals x 5PC
Cord End Terminal 1.0mm,L:8mm x 25PC
Cord End Terminal 0.75mm,L:8mm x 25PC
Cord End Terminal 1.5mm,L:8mm x 25PC
Cord End Terminal 0.5mm,L:8mm x 25PC
Cord End Terminal 10.0mm,L:18mm x 2PC
Cord End Terminal  6.0mm,L:18mm x 2PC
Cord End Terminal 16.0mm,L:18mm x 2PC
Jaw for crimping Insulated Terminals(A) x 1SET
Jaw for crimping Non-insulated Terminals(B) x 1SET
Jaw for crimping Open Barrel Terminals(C) x 1SET
Jaw for crimping Cord-End Terminals(D) x 1SET
Jaw for core-end terminal (F) x 1SET
Quick Interchangeable Heavy-duty Ratchet Crimper x 1PC
Interchangeable Heavy-Duty Stripper x 1PC
●Procedure: precision and Wax-lost casting
●Treatment: finished with heat treatment