●Apply five or six droplets oil or motor oil to the air valve lapper through its air inlet port. (it is recommended

   to apply oil from time to time to the valve lapper even during the operation, if the lapper is used continuously

   for an extended period of time)

●Connect the air hose to the lapper. attach the rubber cap to the end of the spindle. (select large , medium, or

   small rubber cap in accordance with the diameter of valves to be lapped)

●It is advisable to set air pressure at 6 to 8 kg/c㎡. make sure to use an air compressor of more than 1/2ps. 4

   gradually open the air adjusting valve and the spindle will begin its up - and - down motion. set the up - and -

   down speed at an optimum speed suitable for the diameter, etc. of valve

●If the center of the rubber cap is slightly deviated from the center of valve while lapping. the valve

   automatically turns by itself

●To prevent the occurrence of rust. the following steps should be followed upon completion of a lapping

   operation. first, remove the air hose. apply five or six droplets of the above described oil and rotate the valve

   lapper for two or three seconds

●When the spindle happens to be at the bottom dead center ,the spindle may not start its up and down motion

   even if the air adjusting valve is opened. hence, when the spindle won't start, lightly push up the spindle with

   one hand and it will smoothly begin its up - and - down motion

●Contents: 1pcs air valve body. 1pcs 40mm suction rubber cap. 1pcs 35mm suction rubber cap. 1 pcs 30 mm

   suction rubber cap. 1 pc 20 mm suction rubber cap