Digital Advance Timing Light with Tach/Dwell/Volt Tester


●For checking and adjustment the ignition timing on petrol engines   
●For 12 V systems on 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 cylinder engines
●For all current vehicles with high voltage ignition cable
●Specially for engines that have no angle marking on the belt pulley
●Can be used for 4-stroke distributor ignition systems, 2-stroke and dual spark ignition systems
●Extra bright Xenon lights through special lenses
●Internal power supply through crocodile clips
●Additional crocodile clip and inductive pliers for measuring rotation speed, dwell angle and voltage test
●Perfect adjustment of ignition from 0 to 60°
●Dwell angle test from 0 to 99.9% with conversion table 
●Engine speed counter from 200 to 9999 rpm
●Voltage drop test
●Control dial on housing side for adjusting the flash delay
●Mode can be chosen using a push-button on the back of the housing