●Display: 3 1/2 digit lcd with a max. reading of 1999. polari reading of 1999. polarity. automatic, positive implied, negative polarity indication
●Zero: automatic
●Low battery indication
●Operating environment : 0°c to 50°c at < 75% rh
●Storage temperature : -20°c to 60°c, 0 to 80% rh w/ battery removed from meter
●Accuracy : stated accuracy at 23°c±5°c, <75% rh
●Battery: 1.5v x 4 pcs AAA size
●Temperature range : range: -50°c to 1000°c, -50°f to 1832°f
●Accuracy: ±(0.1% rdg+1°c) on 50°c to 1000°c ±(0.1% rdg+2°f) on -50°f to 1832°f
●Temperature : sensor: thermistor temperature sensor
●Range: 0°c to 60°c, 32°f to 140°f
●Resolution : 0.1°c/°f
●Accuracy :   ±2°c on 0°c to 10°c ±0.5°c on 10°c to 45°c ±2°c on 45°c to 60°c ±4°f on 32°f to 50°f ±1°f on 50°f to 113°f
● ±4°f on 113°f to 140°
●Relative humidity :
●Sensor : capacitive humidity sensor
●Range : 0% to 100% rh
●Accuracy: ±2.5% at 25°c(77°f), 10% to 90% rh ±5% at 25°c(77°f), 0% to 10% rh, 90% to 100% rh
●Sensor response time for 90% of total range: 60sec typical
●Sensor hysteresis (excursion of 10% to 90% to 10% rh) : ±1% rh typical