●Portable tire balancer wheel is a portable static wheel balance which can be setup quickly when needed. 
the rollers are fixed to a t-shaped support measuring 2-1/4w x 2-1/2l with a 5/16 thick footing for clamping.
easily setup a motorcycle tire balancer between two work benches, or across the rear drop panel of a motorcycle lift.
portable tire balancer wheel has a unique versatile design for custom wheel balancing almost anywhere. 
at maximum, the tire balancer will fit one motorcycle wheelmeasuring up to 10 wide due to the outside edge of
the aluminum centering cones making contact with the roller bearings at larger widths. 
the maximum wheel diameter will be determined by the amount of room available in the custom balancer setup. 
wheels mount to a.475 polished solid teel axle which rests on dual smooth rolling bearings on each side. from here, gravity takes
over. The heavy part of the wheel is drawn to the bottom and included weights can be placed along the rim to
balance the wheel statically. the wheel should not rotate on the balancer once its weight is perfectly balanced.
package includes 30g of peel and stick lead-free steel wheel balancer weights to get started! great for most
harleys, cruiser bikes, road bikes,sport bikes, mx dirt bikes and other motorcycles. all steel construction with a
smooth black powder-coat finish for long lasting durability.wheel balancer weights product features:
●Wheel balancer weights
●10g and (2) 5g - 30g total
●Made with lead-free steel
●Rounded corners with finished edges
●Peel and stick attachment